What’s Up With Drone-Assisted Fishing?

Increasingly, technological advances are used on the water. And in the use of drones, “You can see the ethical slippery slope at work,” writes Matt Labash. What do these advanced technologies take away from fishing, he asks: “The beauty of fishing is so often its uncertainty: trying to know what can’t be definitively known since its secrets exist in a dimension that we’re unable to inhabit.” Read “Drone-Assisted Fishing Is Real, and It’s Pathetic,” via The Weekly Standard.

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Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

Humility, wonder, optimism, friendship.  Those are just a few of the things we think of when we recognize what fly fishing has given us during this season of thanks-giving.

The staff of MidCurrent hopes your holiday season begins with good company, great conversation, and fine fishing.

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