All Dubbed Out and ready to Go

as promised earlier, Fly Tying: A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial is back and running as before.
all images are, i believe, where they should be… and Dennis Shaw’s fantastico-ultimate dubbing reference is back, available for all to see, use and learn from.
whew… to be honest, it was a royal pain in the butt because, ehh, it’s not worth going into technical details but i’m glad it’s over and i can move on to simpler things like going back to Special Stream and drink in its beauty. enjoy !

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keeping busy

five weeks without adding a single post here. i believe that’s a record for TLC but as the title suggests this lame blogger hasn’t just wilted off and died, i’ve just been busy doing other things.

among them, i’ve retrieved the three hundred or so sorely missing images that belong the Fly Tying- A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial reference article.
if it was just a matter of slapping on the images life would be easy but i need to insert them in their correct context and the files aren’t numbered in order and i have no valid reference as the complete article wasn’t copied for any future maintenance…
it’ll happen. can’t say when but it will.

secondly, there will be two new sections under the header:
– photography tips and tricks, equipment for fishing/outdoors imagery along with insights and other blabberings.
– and a generalised ‘stuff we carry’ section. i’m trying to stay away from the EDC/Every Day Carry nomenclature as it’s typically associated to more or less just pocket knives, watches, lamps, etc  (i’ll of course talk about knives as i’m a knife geek !) but with a focus on outdoors/fisher people’s needs.

going back to today’s post title, i like how these two images keep the eyes busy. there’s no specific ‘focal point’ in either image, at least not for myself.
my eyes keep going everywhere within the frames. its sort of trance-like, i hope you’ll enjoy.

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